Your own animal is already special, because this cuddle bear is your best friend. But having your best, furry friend on a product? That’s a real crown on the friendship!


Because how cool is that, that you can have your on animal on a high-quality throw pillow for inside on the couch or outside on a lounge set? Or, what about your own horse on a big dibond painting? Your favourite animal is fine too. You decide!


Your personal artwork will be made with the most high-quality materials. The brushes are synthetic; animal hairs will not ever be used. The paint comes from brands like Winsor & Newton, Daniel Smith, Old Holland and Rembrandt: these brands are known for their light fastness, which means they will keep their original, bright colours for over 75 years. The cotton paper is 300 or 640 gr (depending on the size) and comes from brands such as Fabriano and Winsor & Newton.


A personal artwork (animals only) will be personally designed for you: the investment for this is higher than for equal product from the standard collection. But, you do receive a completely exclusive and original product in return. Of course personal designed animal will never be used for reproductions: this unique product is only for you. You will also receive a certificate of authenticity.

Does this sounds like something that makes you happy like a singing blue tit in May? Please, send me a message and I would love to introduce you to the possibilities. ​


Please, keep in mind that commissioned pieces take a few weeks to complete. You will be kept informed about the process. Thank you for understanding!



Here, you find the prices for an artwork on commission. For two animals on one artwork, the price will increase with 20%. A deposit of 25% is requested. Thank you for understanding!

Would you like to know more or non-binding information? Please, send me a message.

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When investing in a piece, you don't invest in 'just an artwork' made in several days. You invest in more than decades of dedication, experiences and exercises, years of frustration and euphoric moments when you finally reach the result you were looking for: that is the real time for creating an artwork, not the amount of working hours. You're buying a piece of heart, a part of the artists soul...