My name is Dominique Laurine, since November 1992 on this earth and living in the south of The Netherlands, known as Brabant.

From a three-year-old amateur to professional artist

Since I was three years old, I was always drawing, although you could say it was no more than 'free, abstract scratch work'. Many years of practise later, I was accepted at the St. Joost Art Academy in Breda. I have always followed my own path, so I rather consider myself as self-taught, creating my own realistic style...

To make ordinary extraordinary

If I’m the typical stereotype-like artist? Haha, no! I don’t create absurdist art from a particular perspective on society. No, I don’t use colours to show you my ‘heavy mood’. I consider myself as somehow who doesn’t have to be extreme to stand out. And, that is exactly how I want my art to be: that ‘ordinary’ can be absolutely extraordinary, just because its pureness is more than enough to be special without unnecessary elements. Where nature can be as pure as it is…​





The concept Dominique Laurine is all about countryside-chic. How this concept started?
I will tell you!



When living in Brabant, it’s not very hard to get an impression of the countryside. Or, what about the many forests with wildlife such as deer, galliformes and foxes? With some lucky moment, I’ve spotted these animals several times, especially when riding on a horse in the forest or when walking with the dogs. Although the forest and the rural environment have their own influence, I also grew up with many animals, like Golden Retrievers, chickens en rabbits; because of this, I’ve literally seen the countryside from a close distance. So, it’s almost fair to say that this theme is in my DNA.


Because of this same reason, horses and farm animals where the first creatures I started drawing. And, after some experiments over the years with more exotic species, it’s time to come home, time to get back where I started, also combined with European wildlife. Did I tell you that Bambi was my favourite child movie?


The style


With the concept countryside-chic, I want to do it differently. Differently from what I’ve seen. Instead of making it more ‘traditional’, I want to make it more ‘spicy’ without losing the classic flair. That the animals are not ‘soft’, but more like tough, powerful statement pieces. And, where you one moment will see a rustic, English bull, the next one will be a Spanish type. Or, an Italian draft horse against a German sport breed. It will be the classic countryside, but with a modern touch.

The real value of art

When buying a piece, you don't buy 'just an artwork' made in several days. You buy more than decades of dedication, experiences and exercises, years of frustration and euphoric moments when you finally reach the result you were looking for: that is the real time for creating an artwork, not the amount of working hours. You're buying a piece of heart, a part of the artists soul...